Committee of Youth Officers of Ontario

COYO Conference - Feb 19-21, 2020 Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, ON

COYO Conference - Feb 19-21, 2020 Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, ON

COYO Conference - Feb 19-21, 2020 Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, ONCOYO Conference - Feb 19-21, 2020 Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, ON

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COYO 2020 - Assets, actions, and attitudes that alter youth well-being

February 19 - 21, 2020 Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario 

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Wednesday, February 19th - Wine and cheese

Thursday, February 20th - Morning refreshments and snacks, lunch, Networking  Reception

Friday, February 21st - Buffet breakfast

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Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, ON

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Jessica Holmes – Depression: The Comedy


This is a frank and hilarious account of how it took Jessica Holmes two years to get diagnosed as depressed. It started small: she resented “fun stuff” like girls night out, developed a loathing for words like “wellness,” and avoided foods that promised to prolong her life. Even when she yawned her way through an emceeing job for Oprah Winfrey it didn’t sound any alarms for her.

In the nearly two years that she transitioned from “cheerleader” to “zombie”, she hadn’t taken stock of how far she had veered from her ideal life of fulfilment and gratitude.

Jessica’s story, which has a deeply happy ending, relates to anyone who has ever been on a downhill trajectory, whether with health, relationships, or career, who forgot to stop and ask “where am I?” She weaves comedy, characters and music in and out of the presentation to bring levity to a serious subject. She has written about her experience with depression and anxiety in her humorous new book, also called Depression The Comedy.

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe - Resiliency through optimal stress, resourcefulness, and goal setting


Robyne Hanley-Dafoe’s talk introduces the concept of resiliency from a broad world view that incorporates five key areas. Sharing from her experiences traveling through Central America, the Middle East, and North America, Hanley-Dafoe reviews what children and adults have in common that contributes to resiliency, and what we can do in our own lives to foster resiliency within ourselves and others.  Hanley-Dafoe’s talk highlights practical strategies and ideas that are grounded in optimal stress, resourcefulness, and the importance of continued goal setting. Using narrative pedagogy, Hanley-Dafoe’s talk shares candid encounters with resiliency that are research informed and readily available to all of us

Ron Chhinzer - The Gang prevention rubik's cube: Stakeholders, impacts, and opportunities


 Gang prevention has become a critical component of discussions surrounding public safety, law enforcement, and inequality all over the world. After three years of research, project management, and initiatives exploring a feasible gang exit strategy, Detective Constable Ron Chhinzer will bring to light the key risk factors that a child faces that can result in gang membership and participation. Detective Constable Chhinzer will also discuss what can be done to potentially mitigate the risks and reduce gang membership and violence.

anthony maclean - creating a culture for kids to thrive


Youth who know they have a caring adult looking out for them are more likely to succeed in school and less likely to be involved in crime, drugs, and gangs. But how do we ensure that we are connecting with every child? This presentation will give teachers and caregivers practical strategies to help students feel welcome and celebrated. Anthony McLean will challenge everyone to think through the tone of voice, body language, and approach to discipline they are using. Caregivers will be reminded that “the kids who need love the most will ask for it in the most unloving ways.” Overall, this is a passionate plea for all to see the powerful role they play in shaping the lives of children and youth.



The KAIROS Blanket Exercise program is a unique, participatory history lesson developed in collaboration with Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers and educators that fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

BounceBack - Canadian Mental Health Association

Are you or someone you know struggling with life’s ups and downs? The Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division invites you to learn more about BounceBack: a free self-help service that youth and adults experiencing mild to moderate depression and anxiety can access from the comfort of their homes. This service is part of the Government of Ontario’s investment to improve accessibility and provide free mental health services to help people better manage anxiety, stress and low mood.

BounceBack (15+) is an evidence-based, guided self-help program grounded in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Using telephone coaching, skill-building workbooks, and online videos, individuals can learn CBT skills to help them better manage stress, anxiety, and low mood. Individuals can be referred into the program by a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) or psychiatrist but they may also self-refer. BounceBack telephone coaching and workbooks are currently available in English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, and Cantonese and Mandarin (written Traditional Chinese). Or learn CBT-skills from BounceBack’s free online video series – no referral required! The BounceBack video series is currently available in English, French, Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, Mandarin, and Punjabi.

Dealing with Student Violence in Schools - Peel Regional POlice Case Study

This workshop will review Peel Regional Police’s (PRP) case study of a particular event involving a student in crisis. In September 2016, PRP responded to a call for service regarding a 6 year-old student in crisis at a Mississauga public school. While interacting with the child, officers restrained the child using handcuffs until she calmed down and her mother was present. In January 2017, a media publication regarding this incident resulted in severe backlash from the public and subsequent litigation. Following this, PRP conducted an internal review to understand the factors that resulted in this incident and identify recommendations for enhanced police-school partnerships and protocols. 

A number of key highlights from the case study review will be shared, including event-specific context and stakeholder input and collaboration (e.g., school board, child psychology) that helped to inform the recommendations. This workshop will conclude with a discussion on how we can all move forward positively with the child best interests in mind.

Man up

Its 2019 / 2020... 

- High profile allegations of sexual misconduct continue to pile in and dominate our news feeds. 

- Local reports of sexual violence are reaching all time highs across the province. 

- Local, provincial and national data suggest increases in depression rates, anxiety rates and suicide rates amongst young men. 

One might say that we have a broad reaching, deep rooted systemic problem on our hands. We have a problem that long been overlooked and that few have engaged in exploring, addressing or overcoming. The bottom line is that our culture is struggling to support our young men in attaining healthy adolescent manifestations of masculinity. In turn, this is creating unhealthy and dysfunctional manifestations of adult masculinity, 

Join ManUp co-founder / director, Travis Wing as he challenges the mindset that men need to work to attain a healthy state of masculinity. Follow along as he explores mindsets, habits and behaviours that will help young men maintain and refine their masculine traits to support mutuality in their relationships and integrity in their communities. 

Roadmap to Youth Engagement - National Youth Services RCMP

RCMP National Youth Services, in collaboration with the Students Commission of Canada created a new resource, Roadmap to Youth Engagement for Law Enforcement. The Roadmap is a tool that was created to help law enforcement professionals strengthen their skills and acquire additional competencies to engage young people, with a focus on helping reduce and prevent cannabis misuse. The resource also touches on topics such as creating inclusive spaces that are considerate of different backgrounds, cultures, and disabilities. A complementing tool kit was created to provide information on engaging Indigenous youth that is sensitive to Indigenous traditions and cultures.

Social Media: Mobile App - Cst. Laurie McCann

Constable Laurie McCann has been a police officer since 1998. She’s currently an instructor teaching Social Media as well as Mental Health/Suicide Awareness for officers. She has been actively involved with Social Media for 7 years now. She has spoken Nationally and Internationally on Social Media, Cyberbullying and Law Enforcement. Laurie previously spent 4 years speaking to high school students, parents and other police agencies regarding Social Media and the effects of Cyberbullying, Sexting, and safe Internet use. 

Talking Law with Care - Ontario Justice Education Network

This workshop will take a look at best practices in delivering legal information and teaching public education with youth audiences.


The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C) offered through Peel Children’s Centre, brings together fire service and counselling professionals to support children, youth and their families in managing fire play and fire setting behaviours.  Offered to the Peel region since 1996, fire service professionals provide education to develop fire safety skills, while specially trained TAPP-C counselling and mental health professionals assess the level of risk and work with families to manage the factors that may be contributing to the fire setting. The therapeutic model that is offered was specially created to target the fire setting and fire play impulses. The TAPP-C program is unique in that the approach to treatment is collaborative with many specialists in the area of fire-related behaviours working together for the client and the family.

The 5 Pillars of Diversity - Harrison Brown

Why is Diversity and Inclusion important in the workforce? The answer to this question is that there are many different cultures, lifestyles, and ethnic groups out there and the only way we can attempt to view the world from all perspectives is to have representation within. Diversity is strength and Harrison will map out how to ensure your organization is strong from the inside out. He will share his experiences as a transgender individual in the work force and highlight the importance of being proactive rather than reactive in this expanding business world where inclusion is crucial to success.

Youth Criminal justice act - Amanda Camara

The Youth Criminal Justice Act, the law that governs Canada’s youth justice system, applies to youth who are 12-17 years of age, who are alleged to have committed criminal offences. Crown Attorney Amanda Camera will review key components of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, highlighting important principles and sections of the Act. This workshop will allow provide an opportunity for participants to engage in collaborative discussion concerning key sections that relate to their work/areas of interest.