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2014 Bud Knight Award Recipient


The application process for the 2017 Bud Knight Award is now open! 


A complete information package for this award is available here:(PDF Format)

About the Award

The Outstanding Youth Award is an award that is recognizes the work and contributions of a young person who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to their peers by advocating for and taking action on youth issues in the community.

The award is presented each year at the conference organized by the Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario.

2016 Outstanding Youth Award: Rosa Pashaei Barbin

Rosa is a grade 11 student at Oakridge Secondary School in London, Ontario. Between 2011 and 2016, she was the recipient of several awards including the Certificate of Recognition and Thanks Plan Canada, the Brescia College Leadership Certificate, the Ontario Volunteer Service Award and the City of London Volunteer Recognition for the Cross Cultural Learner Centre.

Rosa has outstanding leadership qualities and has completed the Leader in Training level one and two in the City of London. She is a determined, successful and outstanding leader and is dedicated toward the Boys and Girls Club of London and a number of other organizations in her community. Over the past few years, Rosa has been involved as a member of the Model United Nations, Eco-Team, Social Justice, NDP Social and Fundraising Council. She has volunteered at the NDP Spirit of Thanks Dinner, and at the Cross Cultural Learners Centre working with Syrian refugees to provide them with opportunities to feel welcome in Canada, teaching English, running youth groups, assisting in summer camps and assisting in women’s groups and more. Rosa was a delegate at the 2016 Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium where she represented Lebanon in the United Nations General Assembly special session on Indigenous Affairs.

Rosa meets with a Member of Parliament to discuss important issues that matter to youth, the community and the country on a monthly basis. She is currently working with politicians and other youth on the Electoral Reform. Her feedback will go to parliament to help make decisions in government. As a member of London West Liberal Youth Council, Rosa continues to highlight community issues.

Rosa is also a member of the My Action Plan to Education program, where she promotes education by encouraging other youth to participate. The program enables youth to connect with mentors and tutors, receive homework support, interact with peers, increase their digital literacy, plan for post-secondary education and prepare for future work opportunities.

Rosa recognizes her role in assisting others in achieving their education goals and also volunteers as a peer tutor in her high school. In this role, she offers her peers educational support as they navigate their way through high school.

Rosa is well on her way to logging more than 300 hours of community service. At the Cross Culture Learning Center alone she has volunteered over 100 hours helping new Canadians integrate into their new environment. Rosa is the NDP Executive Youth Representative for 2017. Her role is to interact with youth to gain a sense of their concerns and input; she then reports to the panel and during monthly meetings, identifies ways to get youth involved in the community.

The Girls Government program is an after school program for grade seven and eight girls. Rosa participates in this program and encourages these young girls to become interested and involved in politics. As part of her mentoring role, she will assist with providing these girls with opportunities to meet politicians, attend meetings and debates.

Rosa’s passion of giving back to others in her community and globally truly is an inspiration to other youth in her community and staff at the Boys and Girls Club of London. Rosa is always thinking of others before herself and includes her peers in her journey towards positive change for our world.

It is due to Rosa’s dedication and involvement with her school and local community that she is the winner of the 2016 Outstanding Youth Award.

Congratulations Rosa!!!


Nominate a youth in your community who exemlifies the qualities of the Outstanding Youth Award!


Click here for information on the application process: (PDF Format)


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