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2014 Bud Knight Award Recipient


The application process for the 2017 Bud Knight Award is now open! 


A complete information package for this award is available here:(PDF format)

About the Award

Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario has always been committed to the development of youth. Over the last number of years the committee has expanded its membership to include people involved in education, youth services workers, corrections, social work and other community services providing support and programs for youth.

To reflect our diverse membership the Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario will have an annual “Community Award for Youth Service”. This award will be presented at our annual conference to recognize a person who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to youth in the community.

The Committee of Youth Officers will donate, on behalf of the award recipient, $1,000 to a youth service charity of their choice.

2016 COMMUNITY AWARD WINNER: Christiane Renaud

Christiane Renaud is a teacher with the French Catholic School Board.

Christiane manages a small team of dedicated staff members. She works with students identified as having varying degrees of learning, mental health or social difficulties. Christiane has been described as using unique and extraordinary abilities to reach out, connect and ultimately positively influence high risk students. Christiane worked tirelessly with a troubled student and she was able to successfully reduce a number of risk factors with this youth and guide him towards the path to success. Christiane was the driving force for organizing initiatives at the school which assisted this youth to receive the proper clothing, food and academic support he so desperately needed. Christiane volunteered a significant amount of her time to ensure this youth was engaged in services both inside the school and the community. Christiane volunteered after school hours and accompanied this youth to community events and encouraged him to positively engage with others while building stronger resiliency. At the beginning of the school year, this youth was considered to be such a high risk student that he required constant adult supervision while on school premises. The youth had no ambition and had developed a strong resentment and hostility towards his peers and adults. Christiane never gave up on this youth and spent countless hours with them. Today this youth is doing exceptionally, exceeding previous expectations. Christiane played a crucial role in this youth’s development through her time and determination in supporting him.

Christiane has been instrumental in building young leaders in the community. She was responsible for developing an innovative leadership program at the school that brought together several community partners to deliver a one of a kind experience for young leaders. She collaborated to initiate a very unique educational program that gave youth an opportunity to work together to develop leadership qualities. Approximately 25 youth varying in ages, spent 13 consecutive hours with Christiane, her team and a school resource officer to learn what it means to be a leader. The youth were driven via bus to a number of different venues within Sudbury throughout the day where they had opportunities to meet community members. They met with leaders from police, private sectors, religious institutions, post-secondary institutions, non-profit organizations and other agencies that help build a city. The youth worked on team building projects and utilized their skills to deliver food they prepared for the homeless and those less fortunate.

The program provided an opportunity for youth to perform on stage to share their talents. Risk taking in a safe environment has built on the resources within. The programs also included debrief lessons learned after each adventure which encouraged imbedded learning. This program presented as an exciting environment, ending with Christiane and her team waiting for the students under the stars at Science North and presenting them with a key, which will be passed down over the years and the youth will share their story from this leadership program.

Students are consistently expressing their gratitude for Christiane, posting on social media that she is the best teacher, very helpful and amazing to name a few. With such high accolades from youth, it is evident that Christiane is doing something right to reach the youth at their level. Many students contribute their personal success to Christiane’s ability to relate with them and having the ability to understand the current issues and dynamics of youth in the community.

Christiane has been described by those in the field as being dedicated, making a difference and inspiring. Christiane’s office space has been described as a positive learning environment, it is a place of comfort, safety and friendship for youth. She has spent countless hours outside of school helping and engaging youth in the community. She has organized activities such as grocery shopping with less fortunate youth, Christmas caroling with youth to raise community spirit, ground breaking leadership activities to help develop young leaders and much more.

Christiane’s focus is building a strength based capacity for the school community, through education, interaction, engagement, inclusiveness and being relevant.

Christiane promotes increased number of proactive and positive interactions between youth and the police though the School Resource Officer. She plays a huge role in strengthening relationships between, police and youth by regularly inviting School Resource Officers to participate in school sanctioned activities.

Christiane’s leadership style, in cobination with with her integrity and commitment to ethics, helps to make her an incredible leader and mentor to youth. For these reasons and countless others, it makes Christiane an outstanding recipient of the community award for youth service.

Congratulations Christiane!!!


Nominate a member of your community who exemlifies the qualities of the Community Award!


Click here for information on the application process: (PDF format)


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