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2014 Bud Knight Award Recipient


The application process for the 2017 Bud Knight Award is now open! 


A complete information package for this award is available here: (PDF Format)

About the Award

The award was created in 1990 in recognition of the career of Herbert R. (Bud) Knight, an instructor at the Ontario Police College. Bud Knight created a youth officer course at the OPC, and over the years exhibited outstanding dedication and commitment to training youth officers throughout Ontario. He was also instrumental in creating the Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario.

The award is presented annually to an Ontario Police Officer who has shown interest, commitment and dedication above and beyond the call of duty to youth. The officer's exemplary youth service delivery can be related to on-duty responsibilities or to community volunteer work. Applications must focus on the officer's accomplishments both on and off duty. Any nominee (except previous recipients) can be re-nominated.

The award is presented each year at the conference organized by the Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario.


2016 BUD KNIGHT AWARD RECIPIENT: Constable Cheryl Kennelly, Greater Sudbury Police Service 



Constable Cheryl Kennelly is a member of the Greater Sudbury Police Service. 

Constable Kennelly created the “incentive program” where she works 1:1 with students who have behavioural issues.  Constable Kennelly follows up with these students setting goals and strategies for success.  Recently, Constable Kennelly was presenting to a classroom about bullying when a student approached her and identified as being a bully asking what they could do.  Constable Kennelly placed this student in her incentive program and it has made a considerable difference.

Constable Kennelly has set the bar high for officers involved in the violent risk assessments (VTRA), her commitment and reward program follow up has resulted in one of the best VTRA outcomes in the jurisdiction. 

Constable Kennelly was working with a student identified with worrisome and violent behaviours.  She worked out a plan to reward him for his positive behaviour.  It started with a police hat and worked up to sitting in the cruiser, to getting a tour of the station.  The behaviour improved dramatically and parents perception of the police turned around as they witnessed the support from Constable Kennelly.  It has been relayed that Constable Kennelly enhances the success of the program.

Constable Kennelly has delivered the Values, Influences and Peers (VIP) program to many youths.  The lasting message she conveys is evident in the positive interactions that follow years later.  Constable Kennelly always goes the extra mile to ensure youth feel valued.  Constable Kennelly builds relationships through VIP and is often invited to return to schools when the program is over.

Constable Kennelly collaborated with students from a local high school and community partner to raise money and collect donations of food by putting together a hockey game.  Constable Kennelly and her family personally delivered the donations to this family. 

From the moment Constable Kennelly became a member of the community mobilization unit, her work ethic and intention to do her very best in the role of school resource officer was evident.  Constable Kennelly involved herself in many youths based programs like the Tim Horton’s bike giveaway, fishing, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, reading, and cooking with kids.  Constable Kennelly recognizes the value of relationships through play as a medium to build healthy relationships.  Constable Kennelly has no fear in showing the youth her vulnerability which proves to be one of the greatest strengths to model for youth.

Constable Kennelly will take advantage of any opportunity she has to engage with youth.  Constable Kennelly has participated in Rick McDonald Youth Challenge, Cops kids and golfing, bike exchange, camp day, breakfast clubs, cook off’s, science fairs, tournaments, earn a bike and many more. 

Community partners consistently share how wonderful Constable Kennelly is and how she is genuinely committed to making a difference.  This is evident be the wall of thank you and appreciation notes.  She has a natural way of interacting with children/ youth so they feel heard and appreciated.

Constable Kennelly conducts regular drop ins to the schools, which aids in building relationships, as she often will recognize youth for positive steps in their life.  It has been relayed that Constable Kennelly has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to youth, being an advocate for equal opportunity. 

Constable Kennelly volunteers her time with the Steelworker Midgets hockey team of 15 year old boys and girls.  Constable Kennelly has volunteered for various fundraising initiatives for the team.

There were so many individuals ranging from community partners, teachers, youth, parents and co-workers that raved about Constable Kennelly’s contribution to the community and uncanny ability to reach youth at their level.  One of the comments spoke volumes, “As a citizen of the City of Greater Sudbury, I am grateful to know that there are people like Cheryl impacting the future generation of our community”. 

Constable Kennelly has presented herself as a dedicated professional, whose leadership is truly making a substantial difference in her community.  For these reasons and more, she is very deserving of the 2016 Bud Knight Award.

Congratulations Constable Kennelly!!!



Nominate an Ontario Police Officer who exemlifies the qualities of the Bud Knight Award!


Click here for information on the application process: (PDF Format)



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